Wiśniowa is a little locality situated in Myślenice County. The history of multiculturalism of Wiśniowa and its surroundings reaches medieval ages when the Hungarian Track ran through it. Jewish, Tatar or Hungarian  traces can be seen in many cultural domains in the area: in the historical, literary and ethnographical domain. Local ethnographical domain is particularly rich with multicultural motives, which is manifested in varied and colourful folk traditions. The examples can be:  Dziady Śminguśne custom or Banda Burek legend.

The synagogue was erected by local Jewish community at the beginning of XX century in the southern part of the village, not a long distance to the centre, on the lot that belonged to Faber family. It is one of the tree synagogues of this kind in Poland, the only village one. It is wooden object, set on the stony underpinning. Outside and inside walls are the constructions of hacked balks covered with plank shuttering. The roof has got a construction of rafter and purlin and is covered with ceramic tiles. The interior is divided in the square-shaped main praying chamber from the south and women’s chamber from the north.

 During the interwar period the synagogue served the Jewish community in Wiśniowa and those from neighbouring localities. There is little remaining information on the building and first years of functioning of synagogue in Wiśniowa. However, The object and the local Jewish have remained in the mind of the oldest village citizens. According to the documents, in the year 1926 ceremonial introduction of Tora took place there. Unfortunately, just a dozen years after that event, during the Second World War, the interior of the synagogue was devastated and the Jewish community was taken away to Wieliczka and then, the members of that community were sent to death camps. After the war the building was used by the municipality administration as a furniture stock at first, and then, until the half of the eighties of XX century it was the headquarter of the fire brigade. Nowadays, the building is not exploited. The synagogue is empty inside – there are not any remaining memorabilia.

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